Benny's, "The Gown Specialists" is a family run business which has been around for 48 years. We specialize in  customized bridal gown cleaning and preservation service. Benny’s has gone though great lengths in understanding how to treat, clean, restore and preserve ALL types of designer  wedding gowns. We are fully capable of removing the most difficult of stains out of the uttermost delicate materials and fabrics. In order to do this we have made some recent upgrades to our establishment which  include  state of the art dry cleaning technology, environmentally friendly cleaning products, a first rate preservation system as well as a 12 foot high hanging/viewing booth.

Because each gown is different and unique, we treat each one individually and thoroughly in order to bring the gown back to its original state. Our system gives the cleaning and preservation of the gown a personal touch and leaves the customer feeling assured that their gown is in the best of care. We offer a wide variety of keepsake boxes which essentially preserve the gown and those precious memories forever. We also leave the customer with our client-gown preservation guide, a detailed set of instructions on how to care for the gown after they have taken it home.

Not only do we understand how to handle specialty gowns but we also understand what the gown means to the customer thus, we are not only treating the gown with care but we are also treating the customer with care. Our knowledge is vast and our  system and service is incomparable.





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