Gown condition(before) assessment/consultation and cost-estimate;

When the client initially brings in the wedding gown it is thoroughly inspected for any stains, snags or tears. Having the client here with us when we go over the gown ensures that all of the clients concerns are addressed. The assessment of the gown is then noted and a cost-estimate is provided to the client. At this point the client may choose from a variety of preservation boxes. A second appointment for a pre-preservation viewing will be scheduled at this point which is generally 1 to 2 weeks later.


*Every gown cleaning comes with a free complimentary preservation box.


Gown condition(after) assessment/viewing;

After the gown has been cleaned it is then hung for the pre-preservation viewing. Before we place the gown into its preservation box the client must come in to view it to ensure that all of their concerns have been addressed. Once the client is satisfied with the cleaning of the gown it will then be prepared to be placed in the preservation box. The client will be provided with the total cost of the gown and informed of when it will be ready for pickup. The gown is generally ready 1 week later.


Pick up and Preservation tips;

When the client comes to pick up the gown, instructions will be given on how to maintain preservation of the gown for the many years to come. Our client-gown preservation guide consists of a few easy maintenance steps that should be done annually.



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