Client-gown preservation guide

There are a few precautionary steps that the client can take  to ensure that the gown remains preserved during the many years in storage:


- Never store your gown in a damp/moist area or in an area with lots of light. Moisture can cause the gown to build up mold or mildew, leading to permanent yellow and brown stains. A dark, cool and dry area is ideal.


- Periodically inspect the gown approximately once a year(2 years max). Simply remove the gown from the box and check for any "oxidation" spots. Oxidation spots are light yellow spots that may occur from moisture condensation in the box. By taking the gown out of the box you also allow the softly folded parts of the gown to relax. This ensures that the gown does not develop any permanent creases.  Once you are finished the inspection, place the gown back in the box just as it was before you took it out. Be careful not to put any sharp folds in the gown when doing so to avoid the development of any permanent creases.



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