Cost estimates are based on two factors, i.) the type of gown and  ii.) the condition of the gown when its brought it. Gowns start at $135 and can go up to 300+$.  The final cost does not generally deviate from the estimation.


*We are unable to give price quotes over the phone as we have to see the gown to determine the cost-estimations.


i.)The type of gown: style, size, layering, lining, fabric, bead work, laces, appliqués, embroidery and other frills

- The more complicated and complex the gown is, the more it will cost to clean/restore/preserve. Cleaning silk gowns is a very difficult process and generally cost $225 and up.

ii.)The condition of the gown: stains and damage.

- The more stains the gown has picked up the more it will cost to clean/restore/preserve. Some stains such as wine, grass, body excretion, heavy mud stains and old stains that have oxidized take more attention and more cleaning agents to remove. This will increase the cost. Also, if the gown has any tears or snags which would require minor repairs then there would be a charge for that as well.






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