Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.) Are you able to tell me how much my gown will cost to clean over the phone if I describe it to you?

A.) No. We must see the style of the gown and its condition in order to give you an accurate cost-estimate.

Q2.) How long will it be until I can pick up my clean and preserved gown?

A.) The average gown cleaning and preservation process takes about 3 weeks BUT we can do it in less time if requested.

Q3.) How long will my gown stay preserved for?

A.) The gown will stay preserved for as long as the owner maintains the preservation process by following the client-preservation guide. Keep in mind that over the years some gowns may begin to depreciate regardless of how well it is preserved.

Q4.) My gown is over 50 years old, can it still be restored and preserved?

A.) Yes, we have been able to restore and preserve gowns that were over 100 years old BUT with some older gowns, the oxidation of its stains remained only slightly.

Q5.) Are you able to do any repairs on my gown?

A.) Yes, we are able to repair and alter gowns is necessary


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