Step 1

Once the client has dropped off the Wedding gown we must first prepare the gown for cleaning. All beads, sequins, droplets, laces, embroidery, etc. are carefully protected to ensure that the gown stays intact during the cleaning process.



Step 2

We then "spot" the gown, meaning we apply the necessary "virgin" cleaning solvents to the corresponding stains. "Virgin" solvents are cleaning agents which have no impurities in them that could leave a noticeable odor on the gown.

Step 3

The gown is now ready to be either dry cleaned or wet cleaned depending on the fabric(silk, rayon, acetate, polyester, silk, ect). Benny’s uses state of the art cleaning technology via Maestrelli as well as non-recycled, virgin solvents in order to clean your gown as best as possible. Not only is our cleaning system state of the art but it is also environmentally friendly


Step 4

The gown is hung completely straight and is then ready to be viewed by the client prior to it being steamed, boxed and preserved. If there are any stains still on the gown that can be further removed then the gown will go in for re-cleaning before being boxed and preserved.


*It's important to note that although we are able to get out 99% of all stains, there is still that small chance that some stains are simply too difficult to completely remove or those which would require significant stress on the gowns material to completely  remove the stain, for example heavily soiled trains

Regardless, we go to great lengths to bring out the very best in restoring your gown while at the same time taking all precautions to ensure that the gown stays intact throughout the cleaning process


Step 5

Once the customer is satisfied with the cleaning, the gown can be steamed, boxed and preserved. A complimentary preservation box comes with the cleaning of all wedding gowns. The client also has the option to upgrade their preservation box to something more cosmetically appealing, for example, a fancy box with a viewing window. We have a variety of shapes and sizes which we sell at cost. Although these upgrade boxes look nicer, they do the exact same job as the complimentary box in regards to preserving the gown itself. All of our preservation boxes are made and lined with “acid-free” preservatives. This prevents your gown from turning yellow or brown due to oxidation and moisture condensation.

Step 6

The gown is now boxed and ready for pick up. Once the gown leaves our shop with the client there are a few simple precautionary steps to take in order to ensure the gowns preservation. These steps are located in our Client-Gown Preservation Guide which is provided to all our wedding gown clients.