Why Benny's?


wonderful memories and sentiments that SHOULD and CAN last a lifetime. We at Benny's have the vast experience(48 years) and understanding that anyone who is handling your wonderful gown should have. It is our high level of professionalism and care that enables us to bring the gown back to the form that it once was when the bride first put it on. This is because the entire cleaning process is conducted in our own shop by our own professionals.

 Not only is it important to bring your gown to a professional but it is also very important that the gown is brought in shortly after the wedding(2 week or less). The longer you leave stains on a gown the more difficult they becomes to remove. Certain stains begin to turn yellow and brown once they set it. The harder we have to work on removing the stains from the gown the more compromised the fabric becomes. Fortunately, we at Benny’s are able to find the safe balance between stain removal and keeping the gown intact during our process, bringing the gown to a restored state.

 We have also upgraded our shop with the new Maestrelli dry cleaning system to bring a state of the art cleaning experience which is also environmentally friendly.

 *Make bringing your gown to Benny’s shortly after the wedding part of your wedding plans to ensure the finest in gown restoration. 







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